hp cleanup
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Dirty Computer Bonanza!

We have gathered some recent before and after photos from computers (PCs and Macs) that needed a good cleaning inside and out.

The fans on these computers continuously draw in air, dirt and dust that will eventually clog vents and cause it to overheat. This reduces the lifespan of your devices and can cause premature failure, reduce speed and functionality.

Your computer needs regular maintenance for the software and hardware. If your computer isn't running like it should bring it to us and we will get it back in shape for the new year.

hp cleanup
custom PC dirty
dirty dell cleanup
dirty dell cpu fan
dirty dell desktop power supply
macbook dirty
Vertical Monitor Digital Sign Display
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Digital Signage or Display

We recently installed this 27 inch dell monitor for a customer that needed a professional level display with plenty of adjust-ability and a great picture. We chose a Dell UltraSharp 27 inch model that has the ability to move up, down, tilt and even be used as a vertical monitor. This can give you a longer view of webpages and documents, can be used as digital signage or an information kiosk for customers or staff. This monitor is only 27 inches but we can work with larger models and even TVs to display your company information.

If you have a new to display information in this fashion and would like some assistance please give us a call to discuss your needs.