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PC Slowed by Proxy Issues, Viruses and Malware

This computer was reported as having tons of pop-ups and issues even getting to a webpage.  There were several unwanted programs installed to “backup” and “optimize” the computer that are really just nuisance programs.  There was also a full on virus / malware infection causing lots of issues and rendering the computer practically useless.

We removed all traces of the virus / malware and repaired the damage done by infection.  We also removed any unwanted programs, helpers and toolbars to make sure that the infection didn’t return.  We performed all Windows and programs updates and driver updates, if needed.

If you are receiving pop-ups, toolbars are taking over your browser or programs are becoming too intrusive please contact us today so we can get your computer repaired and running better than ever.

We offer computer repair services in Hendersonville, Fletcher, Arden and Asheville.


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