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Smart Home Devices and Gadgets

We don’t only fix and upgrade computers, devices and printers.  We can also can help you make an informed purchase when it comes to smart home devices (thermostats, cameras, lights, etc.), programmable remote controls and systems or any gadget/device.

The picture in this post shows some of the devices we have setup recently including Harmony remotes, TP Link Smart Outlets and Nest WIFI cameras.

Harmony Remote Controls

The Harmony remotes can take several remote controls and condense all the functionality into one universal remote that gives you quick access to popular functions for your satellite, cable, dvd player, Roku, Apple TV, etc.

Nest WIFI cameras and thermostats

The Nest cameras give you the ability to see live video from your computer or smartphone wherever you have internet access. The Nest thermostat learns from your actions to predict the settings you will want and is also accessible from a smart phone or computer.

TP Link Smart Plug

These smart devices can control an outlet remotely from a smart phone.  This can be used to turn off a device that was left on or turn on lighting to provide security for late night arrivals.  Any device plugged into these smart switches can be controlled. We have also setup these plugs to work with the Amazon Echo and Alexa.  You can simply tell Alexa to turn off your lights!

If you have some of these smart home devices and aren’t using them, have questions about what to buy or how to use them or need some help in getting them setup then please call us today to make an appointment.

There are a ton of these devices on the market and new ones come out every day.  You don’t have to be an expert to have a smart home.  Give us a call.



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