Dell Laptop Failed Hard Drive
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Dell Laptop – Bad Hard Drive

This customer brought us a newer Dell laptop that wouldn’t boot into Windows anymore and would only get a blue screen of death.  The blue screen will show you the error that caused the boot issue but will often times be cryptic or cover a wide variety of possible issues.  Through some troubleshooting we can determine if it’s a software issue caused by some corruption or a hardware issue.

In this case, the hard drive had physically failed either due to a manufacturing defect or wear and tear.  Laptops are prone to have issues with traditional spinning hard drives as the platters inside spin at a very high rate of speed (5400 or 7200 revolutions per minute).  If the laptop is dropped of moved suddenly there can be physical damage inside the hard drive that can manifest immediately or degrade the performance over time.

We replaced the old hard drive with a smaller solid state hard drive.  This should keep any physical problems from occurring in the future, as it has no moving parts.  While the ruggedness of the SSD drive is a great benefit the even greater benefit is the tremendously increase speed of the computer.  Modern computers with a solid state drive installed will boot and be ready for use in less than 30 seconds and respond immediately to any user actions, such as opening files, playing videos and editing photos.

If you have an issue with your computer that seems to be getting slower over time or you are receiving messages about potential hard drive issues please contact us today to setup an appointment.

If you aren’t having issues but want to prevent possible hard drive failure or just want a speed boost then we can help you there too.


Dell Laptop Broken Screen
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Replaced Broken Dell Laptop Screen

This Dell laptop was stepped on and the LCD screen was broken.  We replaced the broken LCD and the laptop worked like new with no signs of damage.

Laptop screens are very fragile and prone to breaking from being in a bag or dropped from a counter or desk.  If you have a laptop with a broken LCD screen we can fix it within a few days and for a very reasonable price.

Why buy a new laptop when all you need is a new LCD screen?

We repair laptop screens from Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo and just about any other laptop manufacturer.

Call us today with any laptop screen issues you might have.


Toshiba 655 screen replacement
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Toshiba C655 Laptop Screen Replacement

Another Toshiba Laptop with a dropped and broken LCD screen.  We replaced the screen and brought the laptop back to a functional computer.

It’s surprisingly affordable to have your LCD screen replaced in you laptop if it has been damaged. If you have damage to your screen please contact us for a quote.

Data transfer from an old Vista Dell laptop to a new Windows 10 laptop
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This customer had a very old Windows Vista Dell laptop and was in the market for a new Windows 10 laptop.  We found a great deal on a Windows 10 laptop and transferred the customers data including (photos, documents, music, favorites, downloads, mail, etc.) to the new laptop.

When we delivered the new laptop we also setup their ATT U-verse router for wireless and setup a new wireless printer. The customer was very happy with their new much faster laptop and extra happy that everything was now wireless.

If you are in the market for  a new computer and need data transferred or would like a printer setup please contact us today.

Upgrade of a toshiba laptop to a new much faster solid state drive
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This customer had an older Toshiba laptop with failing hard drive that they wanted to use a backup laptop.  We replaced the older spinning hard drive with a new SSD hard drive.  Boot times were reduced to under 25 seconds as opposed to over 2 minutes with the old hard drive.

If you have an older laptop or desktop that is acting sluggish contact us and let us see if we can upgrade your hard drive to a solid state drive and get it back to better than new.


Repaired Dell laptop that was overheating due to being dirty
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Dirty Dell Laptop Overheating



This laptop was reported as running very slowly.  It was running slowly because the fans and exhaust were clogged and dirty.  The laptop will slow down it’s processor if the temperature is too high to prevent permanent damage.  When the CPU is slowed all activities slow to a crawl on the laptop.

If your laptop is running slow or overheating please contact us today to setup an appointment.

We service laptops and desktops in the Hendersonville, Fletcher, Arden and Asheville’s surrounding areas.

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Dell Studio 17 Laptop Hinge Replacement

The lid hinge and lcd harness breaking is a common issue on the Dell Studio 17 inch laptop.  This customer was unable to close the laptop lid and could cause damage to the LCD screen if not repaired.  We replace the hinge and the harness that hold the LCD in place and now the laptop opens and closes with no issues.

If your laptop screen needs replaced or repair please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We offer fast and courteous service in and around the Hendersonville area.